Service to Hoarders

Where possible we try to negotiate with and engage clients in the process (thus reducing trauma and likelihood of starting the acquiring/hoarding process again) of establishing a better home environment.


Properties emptied and cleaned, (client in/out of situ).

Services to Infested/contaminated/chaotic environments.

We work with trusted partners to deal with these situations

New home set up and management moves.

Examples of this may be clients leaving long term treatment centres, relocation from other areas or homeless people receiving a new tenancy.

Sharps/needle disposal.

Our licensed and insured service is able to deal with such environments swiftly, safely and lawfully. We provide waste transfer notes for traceability and compliance and can work alongside clients to create a safer environment as well as deal with empty premises requiring work.

"Alpha’s ability to work with exceptionally isolated and disengaged people is to be commended. Such an ability requires kindness, skill and understanding which they have in abundance" Local Housing Trust